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BEYOND RACE: Theatre Gets Hip

Mar 24, 2007

Take a look inside the world of Hip Hop Theatre. Story by Adam Bernard featured in BEYOND RACE magazine 2007 music issue. Interviewees include Dyalekt, Claudia Alick, Kamilah Forbes, and yours truly.

“Uptight, conformed and aged are some of the stereotypes young people have of theater. On the opposite end of the spectrum, untamed, ignorant and immature are some of the stereotypes older people have of Hip-Hop. There’s one group of people, however, who are working on destroying both sets of stereotypes at once, and those are the people who produce and create a burgeoning hybrid of the two art forms called Hip-Hop Theater..Despite the short runs and non-traditional venues, despite having a unique target audience and distinct lack of resources, it’s that connection between a performer and his or her audience that makes all those involved feel Hip-Hop Theater is the future of both Hip-Hop and theater.”

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