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Awarded Seton Hall University's "2017 Distinguished Alumni Award"

Mar 14, 2017

I am so lucky to announce that I was selected to receive the "2017 Distinguished Alumni Award" from Seton Hall University's College of Communication and the Arts' Dept of Communication.

CLICK here for my impromptu word of gratitude to the educators who tirelessly show up.

Gratitude and indebtedness to Catherine Zizik and to the Seton Hall University's Brownson Speech and Debate Union Alumni that brought me there in the first place and for nominating me in light of my creative work. Here, I also want to thank Peter Pober for bringing me to UT-Austin. That was a transformative time where I developed my style, craft, and mission statement with people I loved, the Austin Project, learning from Omi Olomo Dr. Joni Jones, learning about community from Diana Gorham, learning about being an artist in service from the incomparable Paul Bonin-Rodriguez! Since then, all the urgent work, the giving voice, the stories, the teaching. Learning and being supported by artistic directors like Maryellen Kernaghan helped me shape my teaching artist life! My entire trajectory in poise and prose. Intros like thesis statements and plays like persuasions and poems like impromptu and dramas like informatives. I'm so lucky. Just in time for Dandelion season.

The celebration takes place April 20, 2017. Event details HERE.