Photo of Angela


Cherry Blossoms in Winter at Branch Brook Park Newark, NJ

Jan 17, 2017

"Granny Bombers" is an intergenerational art project facilitated by Angela Kariotis and Lillian Ribeiro. Senior citizens from Newark's senior citizen centers repping' all the wards created "cherry blossoms" out of tulle, mesh, and yarn during instructional "knit-ins." We "yarn bombed" a tree in our beloved Branch Brook Park for our art installation in Cherry Blossoms in Winter. Our tree is located right outside the Cherry Blossoms Visitors Center! Seniors leave their mark as artists! In this way, the arts is a service tool promoting health and wellness. Senior citizens often suffer depression and loneliness. If productive and encouraged to continue offering to the community, they will thrive. Granny Bombers is about honoring our elders and the history they made in historic Newark. Granny Bombers! All the way live! Cherry Blossoms in Winter is part of the Newark 350 Celebration.

Granny Bombers is a unifying thread between crafting and street art. Crocheting medium feminizes the hyper-masculine world of street art. Graffiti artists “tag” up their neighborhoods as a way to lay claim to their space, have underground dialogue with other “writers” and earn “fame.” Here, we will work with a “crew” of intergenerational artists as a way to show that art, talent, and vision do not expire. Bringing in diverse folk to contribute to this installation is a way of honoring an age-old craft, our elders as artists and creators, and to practice a skill that is sustaining. We are Twilight Taggers!