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Intergenerational Theater Project, EYTE

Aug 31, 2016

Intergenerational Theater Project: Now & Then
September 3rd, 2pm
African American Cultural Learning Center
460 Spring St. Elizabeth, NJ FREE

Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble presents the City of Elizabeth, NJ's first intergenerational theater project. Founded by Theo Perkins in 2004, EYTE has been bringing community-based theater practices to the City of Elizabeth. About Now & Then: There are not enough spaces shared together by people from different ages. What appears to be a strict separation between the young and old is detrimental to learning our history as a means of preserving our collective future. This agism is an American phenomenon.  The arts is a means to build a bridge amongst generations as a ritual, building community dialogue, and honoring our seniors.  In this intergenerational theater workshop, the young and old will work in tandem side by side. They will learn interviewing techniques as a methodology documenting oral histories that are too often lost,  and when lost, lost forever. Workshop participants will write and perform each other's personal narratives. This practice creates confidence in our own lived experience.  The young people learn to honor their elders while for elders, this becomes a tool for health and wellness. Having a collaborative experience and storytelling alleviates depression and loneliness in elders. Depression and loneliness accelerates deterioration. In this way, this workshop promotes the healing arts. Through devised theater practices and exercises workshop participants will generate material that will then be edited into a theatrical script directed for the stage. The entire process will be documented along the way as a historical record. What will be rendered is an urgent and honest piece of work reflective of a diverse citizenry sharing space together.


Bridging the Gap between Now & Then: An Intergenerational Theater Project from Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble on Vimeo.

Angela Kariotis created intergenerational theater as Production Director for Roots & Branches Theater,  an intergenerational theater company that tours original plays to elementary and high schools and senior centers in New York City. She's facilitator of the workshops and writer/director of their summer 2016 show "Poetic Justice." Angela has been trained in bringing the arts to older communities by the Center for Creative Aging Institute.  Angela has proudly worked with Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble since 2004 bringing the Hip Hop aesthetic to the preoscenium stage.