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Say Word! Public Speaking Workshops

Aug 6, 2016


Say Word! Public Speaking Workshops

Workshops are directed by Angela Kariotis in this pilot program produced by a collaboration between Art House Productions Education Department and Jersey City's Department of Recreation. In 2016, workshops were offered as part of the city's Summer Fun program benefitting some 600 public school students city-wide. This class combines theater games, improvisation and public speaking in a fun and engaging manner, while helping young people build confidence and crucial social skills. Here's our blog documenting the experience.


Art House Productions's Executive Director Christine Goodman and Jersey City's Recreation Department Director Kevin Williamson teamed-up to pilot a public speaking initiative offered to students participating in the city's Summer Fun program, a summer camp offered free to city residents serving children 7 to 13 years old. In the summer of 2016, the program serves 10 city public schools reaching 600 students! It has been rigorously documented that student achievement is at-risk of waning during the summer months. Literacy through the arts can help maintain student-focus and reinforce learned skills. The public speaking initiative helps support this necessary foundation. Furthermore, public speaking is more than an enrichment program; it is a life-skills program. Excellent oral and verbal communication skills are crucial to ANY person in professional and private life. In this course, impromptu speaking, interview skills, improvisation, critical and creative thinking will be developed. It is important for young people to learn and nurture how to speak in front of an audience, speak clearly and loudly, be able to think on their feet, speak from the-top-of-their head, and formulate and organize thoughts. These are life skills. This is an extension of creative thinking and the confidence preparedness brings. All it takes to be a great public speaker is practice.