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Roots & Branches Theater

May 4, 2016

I am proud to be the Production Director for Roots&Branches Theater spring 2016 show titled Poetic Justice. It's about taking action; to change the world and our place in it. Roots&Branches is an intergenerational theater company. This entire process (from generating material with the cast and directing the text) has informed the future trajectory of my work. The cast is amazing in talent, heart, and generosity. I learned so much from the Artistic Director in his graciousness and trust.

Here is the touring schedule throughout New York City senior centers. Admission is free and open to the public.

Roots&Branches Theater PRESENTS: 
Written & Directed by Angela Kariotis
Performed by Karen Brevard Gagnon, Mia Kang, Yvette Pollack, Julie Rapoport, Tatyanna Santana, Thelma Ruffin Thomas & Celestina Trower
Additional material by Esther Horne 
Sound by Jamaal Britto
Video by Eamonn Farrell
Tour Manager: Deborah Clapp
Artistic Director: Dan Trujillo

Protests! Marches! Fighting for what's right! "Poetic Justice" is a play about taking action. It's about standing up for ourselves, the world, and each other. The intergenerational show takes place at a cafe during an "open mic night" and we witness poets wax poetic about the revolutions brewing within their private and public lives. The personal is political! Step up to the mic at City Lights Cafe!

"Poetic Justice" opens May 12th, 2:30pm, at Penn South Program for Seniors.

Founded in 1990 by Arthur Strimling, Roots&Branches has created and performed more than 20 original plays based on life stories, improvisations and interactions between generations. 


Crafts a new original production each season, with an intergenerational theme, through a creative workshop process, bringing elder and young actors together.

Brings the play to underserved audiences throughout the New York metropolitan area, including senior centers, community centers, colleges and high schools.

Presents the original production for a week-long run at an off-Broadway Theater.

Offers post-performance dialogue between R&B artists and audience members

Offers intergenerational, life stories and ensemble acting workshops to schools, conferences and community groups

Makes their intergenerational scripts, scenes and monologues available to the theater community.