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Cerebral Cypher

Poetic People Power 10th Anniversary Show

May 9, 2012

Poetic People Power presents Retro-Active: 10 Years of Poetic Action.

Venue: Helen Mills Theatre, 139 West 26th Street, NYC
Poets: Bogar Alonso, Tara Bracco, Erica R. DeLaRosa, Andy Emeritz, Nate Gunsch, Karla Jackson-Brewer, Angela Kariotis, Dot Portella, Shetal Shah, Pamela Sneed, Jonathan Walton, Justin Woo, and Deanna Zandt

In 2003, a group of poets gathered on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at Bluestockings Bookstore to hold a poetry reading against the Iraq war. A community of writers and activists continued to gather each year, under the direction of Poetic People Power founder Tara Bracco, to use poetry to explore our country's most pressing social and political issues. Bracco commissioned new works by emerging New York City poets with diverse styles and held public presentations so the voices of these writers could be heard in poetry clubs and theatres.

Now, as Poetic People Power (P3) celebrates its tenth year, the group presents a look back at their artistic response to the changing political landscape over the past decade and offers new words about where our country is today. The retrospective will include the works of more than a dozen poets on topics including climate change, universal health care, and the global water crisis. Retro-Active is a show not to be missed if you are a believer in the power of art, a community builder, a changemaker, or a person trying to make sense of today's politics. A 2011 article in The Brooklyn Rail described the audience's experience when it wrote: "Imagine pulling the blinds back and letting sunlight flood a darkened room. That’s what a P3 show is like."