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Stretch Marks Spring 2011

Mar 8, 2011


"Stretch Marks" was produced at Stage Left Studio from May to June 2011. Stage Left Studio in New York City is the preeminent space for solo performance. The producer was Cheryl King.

"'Stretch Marks' is more far-reaching, tackling issues of birth, heredity, culture and identity. All of it punctuated with hip-hop's trademarks of an eclectic soundtrack and non-stop athleticism.'Stretch Marks' represents Kariotis' resolution of the challenge of stretching her identity to accommodate her daughter.'" Kathleen O'Brien, The Star-Ledger Hip Hop Mama here

"Stretch Marks delivers laughs, catharsis, movement, and metaphor. “I hold on tight and keep my feet planted on the pelvic floor,” she says. On the ride of her life, Angela Kariotis has invited us all to join her on this rite of passage. Hop on: it’s a heck of a journey." Amy Lee Pearsall, review here, May 12, 2011

Audience responses to STRETCH MARKS:


"Get busy living. You have not lived until you've seen this." -Dujuana Sharese

"Your performance was genius. Facial expressions, body contortions, words, and awareness...You brought the audience on stage with you. Bravo." -Jimmy Pagan

"There really aren't enough superlatives to described your performance. The combination of slam, movement, and characterization was mesmerizing." -Margo Singaliese

" 'don't push...let...let' I'll remember those words. Really beautiful how you use your body to slip in and out of all these characters. Bravo." -Kate Hahn Kaiser

"You brought tears to my eyes and moved my soul." -Diana Delacruz

"It was absolutely f**king hysterical." -Joe O'Brien


Art by S. Alexander