Photo of Angela


Broken Wings, exhibit at 58gallery

Aug 22, 2006

From Waterfront Journal by Ahn Behrans, 8/4/2006:

‘Jesus walked on water, / first, because he believed that he could. / Told it was a miracle, / I was convinced incapable of such things. / With each doubt I crucify myself, / without believing in my resurrection / I desire God-conciousness, / to free myself / to walk in my skin / no longer as enemy but as savior.’

-reads the vinyl lettering on the gallery wall by Angela Kariotis, a spoken word artist…

“Curated by Jersey City artist Nyugen Smith, ‘Broken Wings’ is part of a new guest curator program [at 58gallery in Jersey City]. It’s a small group show, featuring the work of four artists who successfully tackle a big concept by exhibiting a single work of art or series.  It expplores persecution and the human spirit’s ability to rise above adversity…’I chose these artists because their work has inspired me,’ said Nyugen Smith…

‘[Kariotis’ piece] This exquisite work of art, a poem titled ‘R/EVOLUTION,’ my favorite in ‘Broken Wings,’ speaks of the insecurity we all feel and Nyugen’s genius as a curator.  To exhibit the work of a living poet on the walls of a visual art show demonstrates savvy…

…Make sure you stroll over to Residue gallery at 107 Brunswick St., Jersey City, NJ and see ‘Bundle House Crisis Center,’ a stunning solo exhibition by non-other-than Nyugen Smith.