Photo of Angela


Manhattan 2 Manchester

Feb 14, 2007

From Irvington, NJ to across the Atlantic!

Live at Contact Theatre! I was worried the audiences wouldn’t understand what I was talking about. DJ O not only set it off during the pre-show and after-show parties, but he set me straight too, “These people invented the English language. They don’t know you? Naw. They know you too well.” And he sure was right. “Bloody brilliant” and “wicked great” were the compliments of the day.

DJ O spinned with 2 turntables and a mixer scoring Reminiscence of the Ghetto & Other Things That Raized Me for a 2 night engagement in Manchester, UK last weekend. Contact Theatre is a great place to be. There was some serious politiking. Speaking ghetto lingo in a pretty accent.

Check the link Question and Answer was on Friday, facilitated by Frisko, an ultimate renaissance man. After party by DJ O was on Saturday! Metrodome, a 13 year old DJ prodigy did more than just carry the crates. He brought the funk! Big shout out to Martin Visceral, an ill MC and poet. He dropped form and function when spitting Limricks! Now that’s craft! My favorite quotation of the weekend was when a new friend, Jason of the Argonauts gave me props, “At first I was like, why is this girl jumping around like that? But then you started getting into the story. We were hooked. You threw out the rod and wheeled us in.” To which Martin added in shear metaphorical style, “She was like a fisherman, keeping it ree/al.”  I think one of the most important things that was finally mentioned out loud is the fact that I am a woman. Plenty of women appreciated that fact. It just makes the story different. It makes me work harder too. I met a lot of young, up and coming artists that consider Contact their headquarters. May the muses sing to them all. Manchester is the brick city, nothing but brick.  Expensive as hell though, damn. Couldn’t even get a Manchester City or Manchester United jersey. The audiences were a little shy. It’s about acting like a proper Englishwo/man. They needed some prodding, a personal invitation, and I gave it to them. By the end, Felix was flirting with the girls, and they was shouting “Ghetto!” to which I replied, “Damn, when ya’ll say it, that shit just sounds classy!” Below are some pictures! Cheers!