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mia magazine: centerfold spread (with my clothes ON)

Feb 26, 2007

although in an acrobatic position!

MIA is a magazine for Greek women. I learned about this long awaited and very important magazine while performing in Chicago this summer at the Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center in the middle of Greektown. Antonia Callas is a freelance writer and author of this article about me and my work published in December for this winter season. I just got it in the mail! I am humbled by her words. I wish the editors and staff continued success. In the actual mag, what follows are two articles on the subsequent pages, one about the illuminary tigress herself, Maria Callas, and her performance as the tragic Medea, and the next is an interview master class style with Olympia Dukakis. Good company, eh? I’m in the Agape/Love issue. Page 22. Con’t on 106. It’s a way to garner some support from the Greek/ Greek-American community. But is this how a nice Greek girl behaves?! Peace and props to Antonia Callas for breaking it down! “Mia” is Greek for the feminine “one.” There will be a brother version coming soon, ENAS. “Enas“, which is the male “one”. There is a great description I must quote, “I am/ strong/ passionate/ loyal/ intelligent/ charismatic/ resourceful/ I am a Greek man/. Props to those who fit this prolific profile. Xero enas! Check the article below! Stin igyas!

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