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Angela is proud to create original dramatic works with and for young people. She enjoys taking a theme and working to develop it for an audience with her student cast of writers and actors. She has helped student writers bring their work to the stage and has also written and performed works for young people.

Angela believes in teaching literacy through the arts. Her biggest opportunity to reach students was while working at Plays for Living, Inc. PFL has a 70 year history working with the New York City community. While there, she developed original curriculums about topics such as bullying and English as a Second Language. She also created an original curriculum that teaches public speaking, writing, and interviewing skills on behalf of United Way. Her curriculums have been implemented in schools throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens middle and high schools.

As teaching artist at Monroe High School in the Bronx, and Wingate High School in Crown Heights, she helped bring students and their original work to the Apollo stage. Subsequently, with Plays for Living, she became the director of that event, United Way’s year end bash at the world famous Apollo Theater 2006 and John Jay College 2007. As director, she commissioned professional artists to share the stage with blossoming student artists.

Angela was managing director and creative writing instructor of Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble: Hip Hop on Stage. The endeavor was founded by Theodore Perkins. Working with Elizabeth, NJ high school students, their goal was to bring hip hop theater to the proscenium stage with a cumulative work produced at Kean University. Angela was also a teaching artist for New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

As a writer and performer, Angela, through PFL, was commissioned by the New York State Department of Cyber Security to create two plays about internet safety using the curriculums developed by i-safe, the nation’s leader in internet safety for children. She covered topics such as predators, viruses, cyber bulling, cyber citizenship, and malware. Both plays were produced at The Egg Theater in Albany to a house packed with 4th and 5th graders and simultaneously webcast to class rooms throughout America.

She was also commissioned to create a short play about bullying which she performed for her target audience of Kindergarteners. The work was commissioned by Seton Hall University professor Catherine Zizik.

Currently, Angela is a teaching artist for the New Jersey State Council on the Arts Arts In Education state granted program. At her latest residency at Clinton School in Maplewood, NJ she docmented their work together in an original blog here.

Angela introduces young people to classic and contemporary authors, as well as guest artists to class. She brings her students to artistic and cultural workshops and events. They listen, read, and watch primary sources. Angela teaches performance autobiography and creative writing on different themes and ideas. Her work with students is experience and research based. She looks to create, a safe, serious, vivid, experience.

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